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Stichting Do Bold strijdt tegen mensenhandel en uitbuiting van migranten in de Golfstaten. Op GivingTuesday roepen we op tot donaties om maandelijkse steun te bieden aan de repatriëring van kwetsbare migranten. Jouw donatie draagt bij aan directe hulp en structurele oplossingen. Als blijk van waardering ontvang je bij je donatie op GivingTuesday een set van 8 inspirerende mensenrechtenkaarten. Word een verschilmaker en geef migranten de kans op een veilige terugkeer én ontvang een tastbare herinnering aan je impact.


Please find more information in English here:

Stichting Do Bold is an organization dedicated to assisting migrant workers in the Gulf countries (Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the UAE), who have been trafficked for labour exploitation. We address systemic and widespread issues that affect migrant workers – while providing
remedies by supporting them to return home.

Your support plays a crucial role in sustaining these efforts – we rely solely on donations to buy their flight tickets home.

Our goal for this Giving Tuesday is to have monthly donations to ensure a steady flow of resources to assist 30 migrant workers, every month until Giving Tuesday 2024, to return safely home. Monthly giving is a sustainable and impactful way to make a difference, allowing us to
plan and implement long-term solutions for the benefit of those most vulnerable.

To support this cause on Giving Tuesday and beyond, consider donating monthly. Your commitment will help provide not only immediate relief for migrant workers but also contribute to our ability to address these issues and prevent them from happening in the first place. Your
consistent backing through monthly giving is pivotal to sustaining these efforts.

This is how your monthly contribution can support us:

Monthly Giving Impact:

By choosing monthly donations, you provide ongoing support, helping us to plan and implement sustainable solutions for migrant workers.

Empowering Repatriation:

100% of your monthly contributions support the repatriation of migrant workers, particularly women, from Gulf countries where they face difficult working and living conditions.

Calculating the Impact:

For instance, if you can make a monthly donation of €50 for one year, your donations will support one woman to return to Sierra Leone from Oman, or to Ghana from Saudi Arabia. Most of these women lack the financial means to cover their own tickets – as they are often victims of
wage theft or bonded labour – making your ongoing support crucial for facilitating their safe return home.

Positive Impact:
Our work has been spotlighted in a BBC podcast, sharing the story of three women and underscoring the tangible and positive effects of repatriating women from Gulf countries. Your commitment to monthly giving establishes a dependable source of funds, helping us to make a
difference in the lives of migrant workers, increase awareness, and provide recommendations on how to address these issues with those who have the power to change them.

This is the impact you can make:

● €50 a month for one year will help 1 Sierra Leonean to return home from Oman

● €200 a month for one year will help 4 Ugandans return home from the UAE

● €500 a month for one year will help a group of 10 Kenyans return home from Saudi Arabia

All migrant workers who are repatriated are also referred to our partner organisations in their home country supporting them with anything from medical checkups to income-creating opportunities.

Because we also want to give back to our supporters this Giving Tuesday 2023, we thought of sharing human rights messages to evoke empathy and determination to take action and that can be shared with children – our future. If we continue using only images of human rights violations, it might make people feel despair, suggesting that these violations are inevitable and that cannot be stopped. This approach can also risk dehumanizing individuals, reducing them to mere “vulnerable” victims as if they do not have any power. When our social media feeds are full of images of angry protests and violence, we inadvertently contribute to a narrative of societal divide.

When you support our efforts for Giving Tuesday, you will receive a set of 8 cards with powerful messages about human rights values.

We look forward to welcoming you as a change-maker!

Photo Creidt: Aline Deschamps

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